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Zhejiang Xuehang Logistics Co., LTD.
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Company name: zhejiang Xue Hang logistics co., LTD

Company address: haishu district of ningbo lishe international airport freight forwarders business floor. Room 104

General manager: chapter union telephone: 18958123431

Sales manager: greater tel: 13806670241

Zhejiang Xue Hang logistics co., LTD., established in December 2018, under the guangzhou Xue Hang logistics co., LTD., is approved by the notice from the secondary forwarding agent. Main scope of business is domestic and international air transport business and domestic railway and highway cargo transportation business.
Companies adhering to the "Xue Hang" hearts into it, and doing things with the letter of the enterprise culture. Combined with the company advanced management concept and provide excellent management operations team, for each big enterprise, foreign trade companies to provide one-stop logistics services at the same time, according to the requirements of the enterprise unit time limit, cost, relying on Xue Hang national network and tailored to the air, earth, iron, distribution and delivery, warehousing logistics solutions. Zhejiang Xue Hang currently in ningbo, hangzhou, and domestic and foreign each big company signed the agency agreement and with Mr KaiHang, east hna, Jiang Xihang signed long-term package deal.

At present, the company operating in domestic routes covering all the country of departure city; International covering southeast Asia, North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Australia's international.

Customer requirement is the direction and motivation of our work, the company will be committed to create both the traditional logistics and combining Internet + electric business logistics of modern logistics enterprises.

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