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Xue Hang was found in 1996, is one of the earliest and largest Aviation Agents in South China. After 20 years development, our group company wholly owns following subsidiaries: Guangzhou Mei Hua Aviation Co.,Ltd, Guangzhou Xue Hang Logistics Co.,Ltd, Hongkong United Air Co.,Ltd and so on. Meanwhile, complying with the Reform of The Stated-Owned Enterprise Policy, we established the joint venture company, Zhuhai Aviation City Logistics Co., Ltd, by coorperating with Zhuhai Airport Group Co., Ltd. ?We also set up 59 branches and operating offices, also owned a signing agent and logistic delivery network that covers more than 300 cities and regions domestic and international. At present,our business mainly includes 4 parts: Comprehensive Logistics, Aviation Comprehensive Training, Commercial Property, ?Airport Logistics Property

With the mission of being the international outstanding aviation supp orting enterprise, Xue Hang Group believes in the way of sincerity, practicability, innovation and efficiency. We will keep moving forward and committed to provide more economic and more efficient service for customers.

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